Lady Gaga is criticized by a representative of Billboard

A simple message from Lady Gaga aroused controversial opinions from a representative of Billboard.

The singer used Twitter and Facebook to ask her fans to watch the music video for "Applause" on YouTube and share the message with their friends to do the same. The link, however, directed the user to a playlist with 150 videos that played continuously.

Later, Bill Werde, editorial director of the magazine, said that this type of action is frowned upon by Billboard, which counts the hits on YouTube to determine the ranking. He also stressed that the streaming is only a part of the Hot 100 and certainly a high percentage of views is correct when deserving.

Even assuming that it was a mistake by the staff of the singer, who re-posted the message with the link directing only the clip, Werde became harassed by fans of the singer.

He then revealed that he admires Gaga, but does not agree with this kind of "play" by the artist or the fans themselves.

Since the release of "Applause" last week, Lady Gaga is butt heads with Katy Perry and her "Roar" for first place of the International charts.