Lady Gaga & Perez Hilton trade accusations on Twitter

The dispute between Lady Gaga and the Hollywood blogger, Perez Hilton, has added another unpleasant chapter.

The discussions of the double ex-friends started even during the time when the pop star revealed to have saved a message from Hilton on the day of her hip accident. The message sent to her via SMS showing Gaga in a wheelchair, with the word "Karma" and Madonna pointing a gun at her.

On Saturday, fans of the singer warned her that Perez was at the entrance of her apartment building in New York. Immediately, the singer took to Twitter to express her anger and shortly after Perez was escorted out.

"Stay away from me and my family. You are a patient wanting to rent an apartment in my building to haunt me. Leave me alone, "the pop star twitted then deleted. "I need to get shot in the head so that people understand it and all I harass crossed the line?'m Just a human being," she added.

Then Perez posting a statement on his blog telling his version of what happened. According to him, the visit to the building was a mistake, because he did not know the singer lived there.

Read the full statement below:

I had plans to return to New York City permanently. New York was my home for six years during the 90 years before moving to Los Angeles. I also lived here for three months last year while covering a Broadway show. I love New York and that's where I want and my growing family, now call home. Sunday my realtor showed us a list of possible apartments for rent.

Discovered only after the fact that Lady GaGa live in one of the buildings we visited, and it was across the country in Los Angeles, when I visited the place. After an innocent day looking for homes, I am sorry and my heart aches because my ex-good friend, a person I used to call "wifey" and traveled the world with her, is making public allegations lying about me on Twitter.

Any claim that I will be pursuing, based on the demand for houses with my baby and my mother is completely false, defamatory and now seems to be putting my family in danger.

Continue being critical of a form is not selfish or involving names, and will continue having an opinion and I will comment on songs such as "Applause"of Gaga.

I hope her fans to stop sending me death threats, because it seems that I represent any danger for Lady Gaga, which is ridiculous. If fans want to send a message of support, they should buy her music. in spite of my feelings about our relationship, really wish luck to Lady Gaga and she keeps doing successfully. And I assure you that my demand for houses has nothing to do with her. "