Lady Gaga’s artpop comes with free App for IOS /Android devices

Lady Gaga released new details of her upcoming album "artpop" through social media sites. The singer revealed that she will release free application for devices with IOS and Android operating systems in support of her

"The application 'artpop' will be free and will be available in the App Store on your device," the singer tweeted. "You can buy music through the app 'artpop' after downloading it. Or you can buy the record in the store and then download the free app separately."

She described the application as a "gift boxes", and one of its functions is that people will be able to interact through the app.

The singer also revealed that the music video / audio for "Applause" will be released on August 19. A part of lyrics were also released and you can check them out below:

Give me that thing I love que
Put your hands up make 'em touch