LG G2 Comes with nano-SIM and a microSD Card Holder

Just before the presentation of the new LG smartphone in New York, the first press image and a Chinese user manual have leaked. It discloses more information about the new LG flagship G2.

In the past, it was often right and this time the image looks very credible. Thus, the LG G2 gets probably a barrier for the camera lens. The French blog Nowhere Else has also revealed a Chinese user manual for the new LG G2. It shows a microSD and a nano-SIM card holder. Adequate space is available. So far only a few devices come with nano-SIM holder such as iPhone 5 and Motorola's new Moto X. In addition, the leaked manual shows that LG G2 has replaceable 2,610 milliamp-hour (mAh) battery. Thus, LG allows the use of a replacement battery. The Chinese manual also ended the speculation about a fingerprint scanner. That it is not included.

LG releases another teaser video but it is hard to see anything about the smartphone, instead the audience learns a few interesting facts about themselves: how many friends he or she has or how often he or she dreams. At the very end, the shape of a smartphone with a message "- LG G2 Learning from You" appears. Including the invitation to see how the G2 learns from its users on August 07, 2013. This suggests that LG has developed a new software that recognizes the user and his or her typical behavior, it adjusts and adapts itself.

The rumors about the hardware equipment - measuring 5.2 inches Full HD display and a 800 Snapdragon processor, a 13-megapixel camera, three gigabytes of RAM and an Adreno 330 graphics chip.

LG makes an invitation to an event in New York on August 7th 2013. A fairly clear indication of the presentation of LG G2, with the word "Great 2 Have You".