One Direction’s Harry Styles is Investing in Art Pieces

One of the members of One Direction, Harry Styles, is captivated by art pieces. According to the British newspaper The Mirror, the singer is amassing quite a collection of Art Pieces that cost him at least $ 300,000.

The teen idol recently purchased a sculpture by London artist Ben Turnbull for just over £ 15,000. The piece carries a gun in a box similar to the views on bus and subway trains with the inscription "In case of emergency break glass".

The singer says he was surprised not only with the taste of Styles, but with his bargaining power. Turnbull said he was not present when the young man made the purchase, but in the end confirmed that the singer left the gallery with various works of sculptor's. Turnbull also said not knowing what exactly fascinated Styles in his work, but believes the singer likes to be "intellectually stimulated."

The claim has merits, after all Harry Styles is also a friend of the philosopher Alain de Botton, who told The Sun about the interest of the young idol in the world of philosophy.

The Thinker Styles also said to have found a "very smart boy" and jokingly said that in an ideal world he could teach a bit about Greek philosophy for his "ten million followers on Twitter," something that would help immensely "the cause an improvement in the intellectual life "in the UK.