Scott and Bailey: English crime series gets fourth season

ITV, the British TV network announced a fourth-season renewal for their most successful drama series “Scott & Bailey”. The ending of the third season attracted more than seven million British TV viewers.

Scott & Bailey is about two female Detectives assigned to the fictitious Major Incident Team in Manchester. In addition to the professional cases, the series focuses on the private life of the two police officers. The two friends are very different: the younger Rachel Bailey is very spontaneous and has an affair with the infamous Nick Savage. The wise Janet Scott is the quietest girl of the two; she solves cases in a more subtle way. Scott is married and has two daughters, but also has an affair with a colleague.

Suranne Jones in the lead roles of Bailey and Lesley Sharp as Scott and the role of their boss DCI Gill Murray plays by Amelia Bullmore.

Filming for the fourth season announced to begin next spring in Manchester.