Spotify extends its range, published first Comedy App (English)

Spotify widens its range and published the first English-language comedy app with play lists comedians like Monty Python, Louis CK and Sarah Silverman.

Spotify has recently more to offer than just playing music and is teamed up with the U.S. company Bedrocket Media Ventures its new app, Official Comedy ago. The app is an offshoot of the same YouTube channel and offers a wide range of audio recordings of comedians like Monty Python, Louis CK and Sarah Silverman - initially only in English.

In addition to an overview of all singers, Official Comedy also offers thematically playlists with songs like "We've All Got Royal Baby Fever" ("We are all in the King baby fever") or "We All We'd Have Some Family Members Like To Hide" ("We all have family members that we would like to hide"). By browsing through the playlists users have the chance to discover new comedians.

So far Spotify has few funny people but will gradually expand with new comedians and playlists. The app has only been available for the desktop and a version for the mobile application is not yet announced.