The Charlatans lost another founding member, Jon Brookes

Jon Brookes, The drummer and one of the founding members of UK band “Charlatans” died this morning. The musician was 44 years of age and fought a brain tumor since 2010. At that time Brookes has undergone several surgeries, but he continued working with the group.

Tim Burgess, lead singer of the band wrote on his Twitter account about the musician. "Jon Brookes, my friend, our drummer and inspiration to so many people died this morning. We are shocked… said the message.

Brookes is the second member of the group to die. In 1996 keyboardist Rob Collins was the victim of a fatal car accident.

The Charlatans were one of the biggest names in 90s' British rock. Emerged in the wake of the "Manchester bands" The Charlatans released their first album in 1990. The band managed not only to survive until now, but also became one of the most popular bands of the Britpop - the "next wave" of British rock.

Listen to one of their chart topping single "One To Another (1996)”