The Sims 3: Island Paradise Guide, Scuba Diving, Hidden Skills

Ability: Diving

Your Sim now has the ability to dive in the sea. You can improve this skill by frequently go diving in the sea. The better the skill, the longer your Sim can stay under water and explore the deepest sea.

Scuba Dive at Rocky Reef

At level 2: you will get a chance to scuba dive at the rocky reef. There are more caves to explore.

Scuba Dive at Davy Jones Locker

At level 4: You can go scuba Dive at Davy Jones Locker. Here Alisa will birth to her baby.

Scuba dive at Mermaid Grotto

At level 7 It’s finally over, your Sim can now dive into the Mermaid Grotto, she finds treasure chests, which give us plenty of funds.

Scuba dive at Pearl Deep

At level 9, it is possible to dive in pearl deep and look for shells with said content.

Hidden Skills

In "The Sims 3 - Island Paradise" there are new hiding skills:

Here is a brief list and explanation of new skills:

1. Firewalking: (Maximum Level 2) Run into the fire pit or in the department over hot coals.
2. Windsurfing: (Maximum Level 10) Select Left click on open water and the same action.
3. Water: (Maximum Level 10) Waterskiing.

New forms of death

Drowned while Diving (Inadequate supply of oxygen while diving.)

If you do not pay attention to the Moodlets during the dive, your Sims may run out of air. The last warning is the Moodlet breathlessness. Once this appears, your should bring your Sim quickly to the surface!

Shark Attack

The diving is so dangerous. If your Sim observe the sharks too long or has meat in his inventory, In the worst case, the shark may attack


Watch your Mermaid / Mermaid Man. The new creatures need water all the time, otherwise the death comes quickly.