Trying To Be Cool: Phoenix confirms Duet with R Kelly

The Phoenix confirmed that R & B star R Kelly will be making an appearance on the remix of "Trying To Be Cool "which will be released soon. Phoenix’s new album will also feature guest appearances by the singer Kelis.

The friendship between the two began earlier this year when R Kelly made a cameo on the show that the band did at Coachella festival.

The Phoenix's guitarist, Christian Mazzalai, said that the band has the habit of listening to the music of R Kelly before going onstage. About the meeting he said on the show all rolled almost unprepared. "We created a mash-up of our music with him, send him and he said yes. The funny thing is that we were late and we only find him on stage. We did not rehearse, then there was a great tension"

While waiting for the new remix, watch Phoenix with R Kelly on stage at the Coachella Festival.


After confirming their collaboration with R Kelly, the Phoenix released their new single, Trying To Be Cool, through SoundCloud provided by the remix of the single.

French musicians had performed with R Kelly during a show at the Coachella festival in April. After conducting a performance with the band, the voice of "I Believe I Can Fly" recorded the remix track in Chicago, USA.

Listen to "Trying To Be Cool (Remix) (Feat. R Kelly)":