30 STM frontman refused to direct Kanye West music video

The leader singer of 30 Seconds To Mars revealed in an interview with BBC that he was invited by Kanye West to direct one of his music videos and he refused. Jared Leto, who is a friend and admirer of the rapper, said he was flattered by the proposal but was too busy to accept it.

"I've been asked by several people to direct videos," said the musician of 41 years. "People like Kanye West have approached me and it is always very nice, but it's hard to find time to do it for other people," said Jared.

"Normally, when I make a video, directing, editing and production, it requires months and months of dedication. Not a short-term commitment, so I do not have time to do it for the other people. It would be great fun, in the future maybe, you never know." he added.

Leto and West have previously collaborated on a track "Hurricane (feat. Kanye West), "Disco 2009" This Is War ".

Listen to this track below: