Beatles albums finally get Gold/Platinum status in Britain

Several of Beatles albums, as "Sgt Peppers", will finally be granted with gold or platinum status in Britain.

It is clear that the work of the group have exceeded the mark required to receive certification several times - 100 000 copies to 300 000 for gold and platinum - the problem is that until recently the albums were only delivered if the label solicit for the BPI.

What we learned is that most companies often not ordering platinum or gold records released in the 60s' and 70s'.

Besides the Beatles other artists such as Bob Dylan, Beach Boys and Marvin Gaye will also receive Gold and Platinum status for their albums, now that BPI decided to give the status automatically once the required sales are achieved.

The numbers of BPI anyway are far from representing the total sales of those albums. That's because it started checking the sales numbers from 1994, ie, all sold before this period does not enter in the accounts of the entity.

Take the above-mentioned "Sgt Peppers" as an example. The iconic 1967 album will receive triple platinum status, for 900,000 copies sold since 1994, but the estimate is that it has already been purchased by at least 5 million Britons since its launch.