Beyond- 2 Souls Demo arrives 1 week ahead of release

Beyond - Two Souls is next to The Last of Us and Gran Turismo 6 probably one of the big highlights of this year for PS3. The Quantic Dream's adventure game will come out on October 8, 2013, the successor to the highly acclaimed "Heavy Rain ". A demo version of the game will be available to download in the US on October 01, 2013 a week ahead of its official release date, via Playstation Store. Which includes an official notification according to two independent sections of the title and that provide the first impression of the game experience.

In the first part you will meet protagonist Jodie Holmes in his childhood, during an experiment in a research facility for paranormal phenomena. You take control of the first ghosts Aiden, which is in spiritual connection with Jodie. The second section is a few years later. Jodie is on the run from government officials, while Aiden shows what power it has.

Sony also revealed that Playstation Plus members will get earlier access to Beyond: 2 Souls demo.