Bon Jovi rescheduled shows in Argentina, Chile and Brazil

After they cancelled the show in Mexico City at the last minute on Tuesday (10), Bon Jovi rescheduled some of Latin American shows. The concerts in Brazil (September 20 at Rock In Rio and the next night at Morumbi in São Paulo) are kept, but the other concerts were rescheduled.

The reason for the delay is due to their drummer Tico Torres had an appendicitis attack and this prevented the band from performing in Mexico. Recently, the band's official website reported that shows in Chile and Argentina are canceled, which made the Brazilians fear the cancellation of concerts in Brazil too.

Now, the situation is more organized. Tico actually need a few days to recover from surgery, and the band will perform in Argentina on 24th and 26th in Chile. The show will take place in Mexico on 29th.


The show that Bon Jovi scheduled to perform in Sao Paulo next Saturday, September 21, now take place on Sunday June 22. The times remain the same.