Bruce Springsteen Kicks off SA tour with a show over 3 hrs in Chile

Bruce Springsteen commenced last leg of his South American "Wrecking Ball" tour that will also pass by Argentina (14th) and Brazil - 18 days in São Paulo Area of the Americas and 21 in Rock In Rio.

The opening show was in Santiago in Chile and had more than three hours.

In his first performance in the country, Bruce played songs from almost every phase of his career - his first album came out four-decade ago. His setlist covers tracks from the recent "Wrecking Ball" to more obscure songs.

Springsteen also arranged a special surprise for the Chileans. It was the first encore when he sang "Manifesto" of Victor Jara. Jara was murdered by the regime of Augusto Pinochet on September 16, 1973.

A fan filmed an excerpt from the show yesterday. Watch the performance of “The Rising." Below: