Check out requirements for stars who perform at Rock In Rio

This year’s Rock In Rio festival has already started in the capital Rio and the seven day musical event brings together some of the hottest international musicians. As is usual, the stars who perform at the event sent lists of items, ranging from the most common to the most eccentric, but they are required to make them feel "at home" and are relaxed to give the audience a great show.

Here's what on the list of demands for some of them:


Eight dressing rooms (three exclusively for her), sitting area, vanity area, white curtains and rugs black, white orchids. Food: breads, almonds, cheese, fruit, tea and water at room temperature in glass bottles.

Alicia Keys:

First class ticket to five members of her family, an armored car, a chef expert in Japanese cuisine at her disposal 24 hours a day and a hotel suite with temperature set at 23°. Food: fresh fruit and water at room temperature.

Jessie J:

Centrifugal juice and microwave available 24 hours; paste, toothbrush, Baby Wipes four candles designer Jo Malone. Food: organic vegetables, jars of Manuka Honey (honey from New Zealand with medicinal properties), minestrone, tomato soup, Lindt chocolates, hummus, pita bread, hot chocolate, mango juice, cranberries and water with vitamins.

John Mayer:

108 white towels for the body and black for the face. Food: vegetarian with organic products and foods containing soy, including tofu.

Bon Jovi:

Water at room temperature, strong coffee to be mixed with skim milk, different types of salads, vegetarian food and brownies. Everything must be served on time.

Justin Timberlake:

Professional makeup mirror in his dressing room, air humidifier, an iPod dock and red and blue glasses. Food: vegetarian dishes of Chinese cuisine, rice milk, Fiji water, Throat Coat tea, lemon and ginger.