Fame: Adele, singer turns into comic book character

The publisher Bluewater Productions has released their newest illustrated biography. Titled Fame: Adele, the comic book has 32 pages in the success story of British star-turned global phenomenon. The publication has written by Michael Troy and illustrated by Esther Manuel Diaz and Salguero, and will be available in two versions with different covers.

"At a time when it takes so gimmick to draw attention, it is very encouraging to see Adele gets the attention she deserves just by her powerful voice, "said Troy. "I have nothing but love for her."

Diaz also said his impression of the pop star: "Adele is one of the best singers of today her voice makes me feel emotions that other singers can not. Such gorgeous singer is one of my favorites and it has been a great honor for me to draw her biography."

Among other Bluewater comics Productions are Nicki Minaj, One Direction and Katy Perry. Fame: Adele is available on iTunes and in physical version on comicfleamarket.com.

Watch her hit song "Someone Like You ":