Lost Planet 3 (LP3): Walkthrough Guide, General Tips & Tricks

In our Lost Planet 3-walkthrough, we help you step-by-step through the complete story from beginning to end, to give you useful tips and tricks to survive on EDN III. We also highlight useful items such as a can with T-Energy in the walkthrough. The optional missions and side quests have their own section in our guide.

Table of contents

General Tips and Tricks
Optional jobs

General Tips and Tricks

Choosing your weapon is very important and should be adjusted according to opponents. It is advisable to take two very different weapons in the field. Against slower opponents against whom you need more firepower, for example, is the hunting or pulse rifle is a good choice. Many Akrid are small, weak but fast - a fast-firing weapon like the assault rifle or a stray weapon like the shotgun is ideal against these enemies.

Grenades are of course useful against groups of enemies, but as Akrid are often very mobile, it can be hard to really meet many opponents with it. But grenades have another useful function: Many Akrid have weaknesses in their mouths, such as Goonroe, Vorgg or Genessa. These enemies can usually (and if you aim well) throw a grenade in his mouth, whereupon it is swallowed and the corresponding Akrid rips from inside.

It is also useful to get access to radar in the fight against the Akrid.

You can smash large Akrids, for example with a melee attack. This is sometimes simply useful, because otherwise you can not get past, but often ends up also dropped by enemies’ thermal energy in the body, so you have to smash them to get to the collectibles.

Explore the areas carefully, because often there are containers with T-energy or precious ammunition in the corners.

If you have enough T-Energy, the purchase of specialized ammunition for your weapons can be worthwhile. To purchase this at birdie, you have to complete mission for Dr. Kovac.

It's usually not so bad if your mech takes a lot of smash up: He then goes down to easy and goes into repair mode, then you need to survive for a while on foot. As soon as it is ready you can fight back with the enemy.

Your dodge roll is one of the most important factors for your survival as Many Akrids are fast.

Optional jobs

Review new product

Available: after setting up the first deposit and the time jump

No really in particular order: After the time jump before we open ourselves to check the communication relay, we stop by at birdie, to check out new merchandise. There is a hunting rifle that shoots slow, but is very accurate and causing much damage. It is equipped with 7500 thermal energy while not necessarily cheap, but a very powerful weapon.

Doctor Kovac seek / obtain Sepia samples

Available: after setting up the first deposit and the time jump

Kovac has opened his laboratory on the third floor, behind the barracks. Use the elevator to go down and talk with the good doctor later. He needs for his experiments samples of 20 sepia. Kovac marked for us on the map a place that looks promising.

The markings lead us into Diaz's cave, so this is a great opportunity, and this order along with "Diaz depot empty". We have to fight our way through the sepia. If we return to Kovac, he unlocks the option to special ammunition for the shotgun.

Empty Diaz Depot

Available: after setting up the first deposit and the time jump

Since the last time the appointed custodian of Diaz's filled with 2500 units of thermal energy. There is no great mystery in this mission, we simply proceed as before through the fuel depot in the cave, watch out for the sepia and the first time here Bolsepia appearing to come and as before not too close to the explosive eggs. Then we empty the vault and get our credits. This was ideal to connect with Dr. Kovacs mission to kill 20 Sepia, which is done anyway in Diaz's cave.

Dongo obtain samples

Available: After completion of "Sepia-samples"

The sepia-samples were unfortunately useless, so Kovac sends you this time to procure samples of Dongos. The place for this is the fuel depot, exactly where we Laroche saved. Dongos three appear at once, the idea is the same as before: when they are dazed, shoot on their tails. The fact that there are three, the thing is a bit trickier.

If they are in a heap, it may be worthwhile to use a grenade against them, which not only caused damage, but the Dongos sometimes throws on the back so that they are for a while defenseless. After the first three, the fourth Dongo should not be a big issue.

Goonroe obtain samples

Available: After completion of "Dongo samples procure"

The new samples were just as useless as the first, ie 6 Goonroe need time to believe it. We meet three of them in the quest to repair the radio tower. The remaining three we find when we tracked the quest and lead to a cave in Bailey's Crossing, which we enter on foot and off here one after another three Goonroe. This time there are 2000 units of T-Energy in returning to Dr. Kovac.

Use the trigger for DNA Akrid

Available: after visiting with Dr. Roman and after repair the radio tower

This is less a quest rather than a long-term collective task. If we equipped the gun and switch to special ammunition (by holding X / Square), we can scan Akrid. We must aim at them and shoot them with a beam, we must leave. A circular display that fills appear on the Akrid. Is it fully, this Akrid is added to our bestiary. There are 17 kinds of Akrid, the eggs we have to scan for Dr. Roman, so 16 are still missing.