Madonna’s short film Secret Project released on YouTube

As promised, Madonna released "Secret Project", a 17-minute film co-directed by Stevn Klein.

The film is all in black and white, and shows the "Queen of Pop" as a prisoner interacting with other inmates. Throughout the film the star talks about democracy, freedom of expression and revolution.

"I want to start a revolution. Democracy does not seem to exist anymore. Freedom of expression sounds more like a slogan. Revolution is not an application will not be available on the internet. This is the revolution of thinking on your own, to have your own opinion, "says Madonna in one of the excerpts.

The end of the film brings a dedication to those who have had their rights violated. "This film is dedicated to those who have been harassed, persecuted or will be persecuted by the color of their skins, their religions, their autistic expressions, their genders or their sexual preferences. Anyone who has had their human rights violated," says the message.

Watch the movie below: