Sony Introduces New PS Vita model with inbuilt memory

Sony has introduced a New PS Vita model at the Gamescom 2013. This console is not only 15 percent lighter and 20 percent thinner than the original, but also comes with I GB of built-in memory card.

Gigabyte has a default on board to secure the so-called PS Vita 2000 Scores. This eliminates the previously unavoidable buying an expensive memory card. From the 10th September, the company reduces the price for memory chip in Japan and published by a whopping 40 percent off on top of a 64-gigabyte version

The previously built-up OLED display from Sony replaced with an LCD screen, this increases the battery life of PS Vita will extend by one hour. Charging the battery will no longer be on the Vita-specific power plug but via micro-USB port. The PS Vita in 2000 appears in six different colors, costs 18,980 yen (about 145 euros) and has a three-month trial membership for Playstation Plus users.

Currently, this device is only available in Japan and when the new device comes to Europe, remains unclear.