Walking On Air: Katy Perry to release new single from Prism

After releasing her first single ‘Roar’ and a promotional single Dark Horse (Feat. Juicy J) from her upcoming album "Prism", Katy Perry revealed the release date for another new single titled ‘Walking On Air’.

"Mark your calendars for the next #Prismpreview 'on Sept 30 when you can hear / have the new song' Walking On Air ', before the record comes out, "tweeted the pop star emphasizing that, like" Dark Horse (Feat. Juicy J) ", Walking On Air will be a promotional single.

She also continued writing: “'Roar' is still roaring and the second single from ‘Prism’ will not be announced for some time. But do not worry, I promise you will like it.”

The third studio album from Katy Perry will be released on October 22. Meanwhile, listen to a snippet of 'Walking On Air’ ":