Brandon Flowers reveals plan to record new solo album

In an interview with NME, Brandon Flowers said he plans to release the successor of his first solo album, "Flamingo", during the break from The Killers. The intention of the musician is to write and record the album to promote it next year, possibly in 2015.

"I am excited to go home. I'm Looking forward to having a normal year "said the singer. "But I will compose and will put my heart and soul into my solo album," he added.

The Killers will go on vacation next year after 15 months of touring across the world in support of their album "Battle Born". The group even visited China to perform their cancelled show in 2010 due to the death of Brandon Flowers’ mother.

The band will be releasing their first compilation album on November 11. The album "Direct Hits" will have 13 hits including new singles such as "Just Another Girl" and "Shot At The Night". A deluxe version will also be released and will have a demo version of "Mr. Brightside" and a remix of "When You Were Young" made by Calvin Harris.

Watch the video "Shot At The Night" below: