Coldplay to receive award for Atlas from, THG Catching Fire

Coldplay will receive an award from the Hollywood Film Awards (HFA) for his contribution to the film "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire", "Atlas".

The song, after being released in September, topped the charts in 43 countries, and has a great chance of being nominated for Oscar after this. Over the past decade, HFA honorees went on to earn a total of 96 Oscar nominations and 34 Oscars.

The head of the HFA, Carlos de Abreu, said he is excited to present the award to Coldplay. "The Hollywood Film Awards is very happy to present the Hollywood Song Award to Coldplay, a band so respected around the world. They continue to build their legacy, and "Atlas" is their first contribution to a movie, we can not think of an artist better deserving of this."

Watch the video for "Atlas" below: