GTA 5: The best weapons in Los Santos

Table of Contents

Baseball Bat and AP Gun
Stun Gun and Carbines
Battle-MG and Storm Shotgun
Heavy Sniper Rifle and Minigun
Sticky Bombs and Petrol Can

Baseball Bat and AP Gun

Baseball Bat

Okay, the baseball bat is not a gun but still a decent weapon, can also hit a ball. The big advantage is that you do not need reloading. The downside: It's in the melee.

AP Gun

The AP gun is probably the best handgun in the game. Impress good damage for a gun of this size and the high rate of fire. Despite the potential rate of fire the gun remains stable and is characterized by low scattering. Plus, it weighs little and is good in the hand. Thus John Marston would have easily won every duel, if he had lost his way to Los Santos. Since this is not the case, it Trevor, Michael and Franklin have worthily represented. With the AP gun that's no problem.

Stun Gun and Carbine Rifle

Stun Gun

Why kill always the same, even if one can send 10,000 volts on the board his opponent easily? Once hunted to the fur of the enemy, has guaranteed no desire to keep on his feet. A short twitch and the victim lying on the ground. The best location is the stun gun to capture opponents alive and deliver them largely unscathed. So be nice sometimes to your enemies.

Carbine Rifle

The carbine is the quintessential assault rifle in GTA V. With excellent damage, high accuracy and low dispersion with good rate of fire is the weapon at mid-range. If the bullets of shotgun to utter a more uniform shot pattern, helps the carbine in any case. The rifle also allows you to catch enemies behind cover them or shoot them in the head.

Battle-MG and Shotgun


A small and precise burst, the MG presented as a very good weapon - whether against vehicles or against multiple enemies. The large magazine saves a lot of reloading, but it takes an eternity until the Boomstick is ready for use again after it has been shot.


The shotguns are actually all quite strong, since they actually have a lot to high range compared to other weapons. It also helps to turn off opponents from a distance with a well-aimed shot. If it goes bad, you press stop on several occasions. It has the best range and a high rate of fire.

Heavy Sniper Rifle and Minigun

Heavy Sniper Rifle

If you want better off precision shots with your opponent, then the severity sniper rifle is exactly the right choice. Advantage: extremely high damage, accuracy, and especially maximum effectiveness. And the best part: You can operate from distance that makes the elucidation of the enemy almost impossible. So if it is to go a bit more subtle, you are best served with the sniper rifle. The heavy variant shares more damage and is more accurate than the little brother.


The incredible firepower of this gun is the sheer madness and even tanks can pulverize a breeze. However, the ammunition consumption is very high. So keep the small change ready. Even if it's just pretty sedate move with the Minigun by Los Santos, this treasure should not be neglected in your arsenal.

Sticky Bombs and Petrol Can

Sticky Bombs

The small miracles of modern pyrotechnics leave no stone unturned. Once attached to a vehicle, it just can not escape, and with a click of the igniter finally starts the fireworks. The sticky bombs are perfect to sneak up on enemy vehicles or they interpreted widely in the area. Once you are ready then you can start the fight with a big bang.

Petrol Can

With the gasoline canister Rockstar has integrated a new toy in GTA. With the fuel you can rekindle namely the distance from a really nice little fire - actually, you should first of all have been on target. You just douse everything with gasoline and then lay a trail - once again shoot up and already the flame makes its way. Not only looks pretty, but also makes a lot of fun. So watch out, pyromaniac, Fill your container and let's start the show!