Jay Z says Beyonce is no longer a good girl

Jay Z is featured on the cover of "Vanity Fair" magazine’s latest edition, and in an interview with the magazine about his music, married life and his daughter Blue Ivy.

43, the rapper has just had his first child with Beyonce, "She heard my record for the first time and was asking for 'more, Daddy, Daddy more songs!'" He said, "If nobody buys my album ' Magna Carta ', do not care, because she likes it and it gives me the greatest joy. "

When asked about his wife, he revealed that he had to work to earn it. "She's an attractive Southern girl, she’s is not impressed. If I am as cool as I am, it gets easier," he said, and when asked if Beyoncé is still a "good girl", Jay Z replied: "Nah. she is a gangsta now. "