Jessie J says some pop stars are Nasty, Unhappy and Always Late

Jessie J revealed that many pop stars are "mean and miserable" behind the scenes, because of excessive partying. The star said she stopped drinking alcohol a year ago, and the parties will no longer to remain professional.

"I like to keep myself clean and organized, and sleep eight hours a night," said the singer, "I honestly do not think it would be successful if she lived from party to party. I'm Not going to mention names, but I met artists who are so focused when they are on stage or in front of the cameras that the public and the media think they are like all the time. But then they come down from the stage and are nasty, unhappy and always late. "

"I want to be a model, "she added, "I want to be a good aunt, daughter, sister, friend ... I want all areas of my life are as important as being 'Jessie J'."

Watch the video for "It's My Party" below: