Jonas Brothers disable their Twitter account

The followers of the Jonas Brothers on Twitter had another nasty surprise. The official Twitter account for the brothers has been disabled on the social network, further heat up about their breakup rumors.

In recent days, new rumors also began to circulate about the middle brother, Joe, who was facing addiction problems. The singer had been seen leaving a restaurant with Mike Bayer, a kind therapist who specializes in addiction. Mike also worked with Demi Lovato at the time the singer was experiencing problems.

The Star Magazine also claims that the real reason for the cancellation of the tour would be the situation of Joe Jonas. "He is dealing with substance abuse problems for some time. Actually, his management, family and friends are begging him to seek help,"

Jonas’ drug addition was first reported in March when sites broke out the news that the singer and his girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler, had recorded a tape that appeared using drugs. At the time, the news was denied by representatives of the group.