Justin Timberlake says secret of success lies in Teamwork

Justin Timberlake, who has built a successful career in both music and film, said the secret to lasting success lies in collaboration.

"Sometimes a musician and a producer come together and make magic," said the singer, "as Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson. Sometimes an actor and a director like Robert De Niro and Marty Scorsese come together and make magic."

Timberlake agrees that much of the success is the chemistry between the two parties, "I really think it has much to do with chemistry. Might like what I did with Timbaland might like as well as collaboration between De Niro and Scorsese, "and adds, "I don’t want to sound cocky, but no chemistry when me and Timbaland go into the studio. Whenever we get together, it leaves something never heard before. It’s always interesting."

Listen to the audio for "TKO" below: