Katy Perry criticizes Female Pop Singers for getting naked

Katy Perry looks so uncomfortable with nudity in pop music. In an interview with NPR, the singer talked about being an inspiration to young people, and ended up criticizing all female pop singers in general.

"It's funny; I'm starting to see me as a kind of inspiration out of context, because this world is so crazy!" said the singer. "For example, women in pop music - everyone is getting naked. I mean, I was already naked before but do not think I should take my clothes every time to be noticed ...", added the star, who appears naked on the cover of her album "Teenage Dream ."

Scott Simon, who was interviewing, interrupted her speech. "Are you talking about someone in particular?" And Perry said she was generalizing.

"I'm not talking about anyone in particular. I'm talking about all of them. I mean, everyone is so naked. It's Like, 'hide it.' We know you have one. I also have," continued the voice of "Unconditionally" . "I'm not necessarily judging. I'm just saying that sometimes it is interesting to use this, but it is also good to do other stuff. I have this card to play, but don’t want to use it every time."