Listen to Billie Joe’s (Green Day) Long Time Gone ft. Norah Jones

Norah Jones and the lead vocalist of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong released a new song, "Long Time Gone."

The track will be part of a project they recorded together as Billie Joe + Norah, with the title "Foreverly". The album contains covers of country duo Everly Brothers, great success in the '50s, from their album "Songs Our Daddy Taught Us", 1958.

The idea to record an album together came from Billie Joe. "I heard an Everly Brothers record two years ago, and found it just beautiful. I listen to him every day in the morning. Then thought it would be nice if I re-record it, but wanted a woman to sing along with me," said the musician. "Then my wife said, 'why don’t you call the Norah Jones?"

The Jazz Star said Armstrong was very persuasive. "He convinced me to participate in three minutes! Had just finished a tour when he called me, and I was tired, did not want to record a whole album yet. But this project seemed simple and sweet," said the singer.

Armstrong said that, one day, his mother was at home and he played the album for her. "She began to dance around the house. This woman of 81 years was saying 'wow!' - It seemed that life was giving a 360 of the most radical way, "said the musician.

The duo released a single track, "Long Time Gone," and the album "Foreverly" is scheduled for release on November 25, and is now available for pre-order.

Check out Long Time Gone (audio) below: