Pharrell Williams says Beyoncé's new album is almost ready

In an interview with Billboard, the producer Pharrell WIlliams said that he was busy working on Beyoncé's fifth studio album and assured fans that it is almost ready. However, depend on the singer herself set the right time to release it.

"The album of 'B' is really crazy ... She is very quirky and is the sign of Virgo. And she will not release anything until she is ready and feel that the time is right for her," said the musician.

"She has a very specific taste. I think this is the reason of her being the 'Beyonce. 'Her name is recognized around the world and this is something great. People who listen to the album say,' Wow '. E she says: 'Yes, I'm almost done. "She is the queen," he said Pharrell.

According to the latest rumors, the first single from the album will be released between the second half of November and December 1.

Meanwhile, enjoy the hit "Run The World (Girls)" below: