Selena Gomez talks Lord’s Criticism on iHeartRadio

Selena Gomez gave an interview to iHeartRadio on her tour bus, which she referred to as "home."

The singer talked about her tour, about her new baby sister and about growing up in front of the cameras. The interviewer asked her what she thought of the criticism, and especially what Lord spoke about her song "Come & Get It" being anti-feminist.

Gomez's response was: "There are two kinds of critics, those staying behind the computer but not in your face talk and those who talk, which was the case with the Lord. I appreciate the criticism, mainly because I sang her song "Royals" on my tour many times, I think she is super talented. But I think in this case, is a very sensitive issue, because in my opinion it is not feminism if you speak ill of another artist."

The singer also said that that lord is still young, and when I was 16 also thought I knew everything. "I did not take it very seriously," said Gomez, who is currently touring the United States with the trio Emblem 3.

Watch the video for "Come & Get It” below: