Sinéad O'Connor wrote a touching open letter to Miley Cyrus

The singer Sinéad O'Connor wrote a touching open letter to Miley Cyrus. Here, the veteran artist shows her concern and asks the young beware of walking taking attitudes regarding her career.

The letter was written after Miley say that the video for "Wrecking Ball" was inspired by the "Nothing Compares 2 U" that Sinéad released in 1990, which meant that several journalists were behind O'Connor's opinion regarding the statement. The response of the Irish singer came in the form of this open letter written to the "spirit of love and motherly."

Sinéad says she is extremely concerned to see that the people who surround led to believe that's cool "getting naked and licking a sledgehammer in her videos."

For the singer it just obscures the talent of Miley when she leaves "being prostituted," no matter if it is done by the music industry or herself.

O'Connor says she left to be explored and to send the message that "you should be valued more for your sex appeal than for your obvious talent," Miley will not win anything but pain.

The singer says she feels happy to know that it is a kind of model for Miley and therefore expects her to pay attention to her words. Then follow some of the harshest words for every letter Sinéad says: "the music industry does not give a damn about you, or any of us. They will prostitute it to the end and cleverly will do her think that was what you wanted ... and when you finish a rehab ... 'they' are sunbathing on their yachts, which bought selling your body as you end up feeling lonely. "

The entire letter can be read on Sinéad O'Connor’s official website.