Taylor Swift had to convince her record label to release "Sweeter Than Fiction"

Taylor Swift has revealed in an interview with the BBC that her label did not want her to release the track "Sweeter Than Fiction ," and that she had to convince them to allow her to release the track that features on the soundtrack of the film "One Chance".

"I had to fight to do this because I try to make a break between albums to give people a moment to not hear me on the radio," said the singer, "I had to go asking 'please, please, let me put something out', even though we're supposed to be going quiet. My management and my label all told' no new music until the next album. "Then I heard of this movie and I had to be part of it."

One Chance "is a film about the life of Paul Potts, an opera singer who participated in the British reality television show "Britain's Got Talent." The film hits theaters on October 25, 2013

Check out the audio of "Sweeter Than Fiction" below: