Taylor Swift to 'experiment' with new sound on next album

Taylor Swift has revealed plans to release a new album, which will see her ‘experiment’ with new sound.

Over the past six months, Swift has been working on the successor of her latest album, " Red ", which was four times platinum in the US and earned the Best Songwriter of the year, Nashville Songwriters Association International, for the sixth time.

"I think the goal for the next album is keep changing and never changing in the same direction," she explained. "As I write about my life in a way I never wrote before, with a history that never explored before?"

The singer explored on her last album, a mix of pop and country, which earned six nominations for America's Country Music Award. Despite admitting it was a great contribution to the genre, the singer does not feel comfortable being called a pop star. "I never will see me that way," said Swift. "I see myself as the kind of girl who writes songs in her bedroom."