YouTube Music Awards Lineup - Eminem, Lady Gaga & Arcade

The largest video site on the planet will now have its own awards. The first edition of the YouTube Music Awards will be broadcasted direct from New York to the entire world on November 3, with performances already confirmed by Eminem, Lady Gaga and Arcade Fire and artists revealed at the site including Lindsey Stirling and CDZA.

The event will also feature musical performances in other cities, like London, Seoul, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro. The nominees will be revealed on the 17th of October and will be determined by the number of likes and shares videos of the past year.

The creative direction of the event will be handled by Spike Jonze, while the presentation will be hosted by the actor Jason Schwartzman.

"Instead of musicians playing on a stage for an audience, we have a warehouse with all these different sets and try to play live music throughout the night, "says Jonze." The idea is to gather a lot of interesting artists and have a night where they merely create things," he added.

Danielle Tiedt, vice president of marketing for YouTube, said the event is more than just a new award. "We're trying to produce live video during the ceremony so that the experience is more about creating a presentation. Music is our 'darling', and our hearts and souls here on YouTube. Our main goal is to not just another delivery awards, we want to create something special, "said Tiedt.

Watch the official video of the event with Jason Schwartzman below: