AC 4: Black Flag - Secrets, Buried Treasures Locations

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Secrets fall into three categories. First, there are bottles on the beaches of most islands. In them you will find letters with background information. On the other hand, there are chests with manuscripts. These are found in restricted areas. They are also protected by guards that separate you from the content of the boxes. There are treasure maps that you can find with Skelletten in the game. These show you the location of a chest. You find them by their viewpoints synchronized and then seek out the little map icon. In addition, they betray you based on the coordinate to which island or city it represents. Since these are among the most difficult mysteries, here we show you a complete list with the locations of treasures:

Cape Bonavista (179.593)
It is located on the beach and can be collected during the first sequence. The treasure is on the opposite side of the cliff.

Havana (240.607)
Both map and treasure are in Havana. In the north behind the cathedral. For the treasure you have to go to the southern part of Havana. The buried chest is located near the city wall next to a fallen tree at the beach.

Salt Lagoon (749.625)
The map for Salt Lagoon can be found on Abaco Iceland.
In Salt Lagoon, north of the island. Before the big rock is the site after you seek.

Abaco Iceland (606.835)
The map is on Andreas Iceland.
Arrive at Abaco Iceland you will find the treasure at a collection of palm trees next to a ship.

On Great Inagua you can find the next treasure map. Embark in the western part of the bay and take off on a fallen tree. From there you reach a boss behind a glissade is waiting for you. Now you are in the cave in which is located the card. The chest is located in Nassau in the vicinity of the blocked area. Find two fallen trees below a cliff in the swampy area.

Andreas Iceland (579.720)
Treasure Map: Miruguana Iceland.
Chest: On a small island in the southern part of Iceland Andreas.

Dark Cavern (901.263)
Treasure Map: Cayman sounds. Near rocks and small trees.
Chest: Restricted to Dark cavern. On a small ledge near a campfire.

Mantanzas (333.650)
Treasure Map: Tortuga on beach section.
Chest: The chest is on Matanazas near the ancient Mayan ruins between the two main pillars.

Kingston (623.172)
Treasure Map: The map can only be found when you have completed the second memory of the ninth sequence. It is located on Misteriosa.

Chest: The chest is located near the coast in the east of Kingston. Find the treasure in an old shipwreck.

Sound Cayman (327.334)
Treasure Map: Isle Pinos
Chest: Cayman Sound - Near some trees and stones in the northeast.

Ambergris Key (55.178)
Treasure Map: Corozal
Chest: Ambergris Key - accessible only by the diving bell. In a small cave on the side of the ruins.

Misteriosa (307.195)
Treasure Map: Ambergris Key (accessible only by diving bell)
Chest: Misteriosa - at the highest point of the old temple. In addition to the statue of the water flows.

San Juan (479.487)
Treasure Map: Santanillas
Chest: San Juan - Only accessible with the diving bell. One of the tunnels in the Smuggler's Den has some broken boards at the entrance. Under him, you will find the treasure.

Principe (992.422)
Treasure Map: Anotto Bay - accessible only by the diving bell. Swims through the area with Haisen and looking at the Smuggler's Den.
Chest: Principé - Find the treasure in the fort in the city. The chest is located next to two towers.

Jiguey (565.539)
Treasure Map: Ile à Vache.
Chest: Jiguey - Near a bonfire in Smuggler's Den. You must first turn off the smugglers. Seeking a single palm tree next to a flat rock.

Long Bay (525.253)
Treasure Map: Isla Providencia - The map icon during Sequence 8 - Memory 3 visible on your map
Chest: Long Bay - available only after the third reminder of the tenth sequence. Next to a bush near the viewpoint.

Tulum (70.405)
Treasure Map: Dark Cavern
Chest: Tulum - South-East next to a large tree.

Pinos Isle (335.496)
Treasure Map: Cumberland Bay
Chest: Pinos Isle - Near the Mayan ruins.

New Bone (442.118)
Treasure Map: Salt Lagoon
Chest: New Bone - The place is guarded by ships. Prepare for a battle. The chest is located behind the windmill.

The last three maps get you through the fleet feature in Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. Edwards sent her fleet in certain parts of the world, you will receive as a reward a treasure map. These differ in any of its entities not to others.