AC4: Black Flag - Templar Hunt, Marine and Assassin Missions

In addition to Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag main missions, there are tasks that you specify a particular destination. This assassin missions run basically the same as always. You get the target person, including a short description of their offenses and then find the target you are looking for. As a reward for completion of your missions you will get powerful weapons in the game. For Assassins mission you’ll get the sword gun. For naval mission you will get the golden flintlock pistol.

As a reward for the effort in the multi-part missions, you can expect a chic in Templar armor design for the protagonist Edward Kenway. This is not only pretty to look at but also gives you a bonus to your defense. In the following we will show you a brief overview of the twelve missions of the Templars hunting.

Templar Hunt 1 - Opia Apito - Cayman Sound

1) The first Assassin Opia wants you to pass a test. Your goal is to collect more animal skins than others. Search for the green target areas for rodents. With the eagle vision you can spot them better. Shot it with a gun or with Darts. Even the white jaguar that attacks you can kill with a targeted shot.

2) You have to sail to Grand Cayman to see Opia. Follow her and then find Alvin on the island. Have you found him, eavesdrop on him with his people. Alternatively, you seek the way over the house of the small fishing village. When they finish discussion you have to to steal the ledger. Get behind one of them, and take it from him.

3) Follow Opia again through the fishing village. Hide yourself in the display heap palm in front of the house of Vargas. The target person gets away before you reach him. Follow him through the small fishing village. Reach the helm of the Jackdaw, as soon as he arrives at the Templar ship. Kill all the enemies then you’ll meet Vargas.

4) Opia has been able to pursue the goal to Pinos Isle. Follow the soldiers use the bushes and trees to cover, stay undetected, until you get to a restricted area. Now you can pass into open war. Shoot at the powder keg lying around, take down several guards with one shot. Follow Marquez and finally bring it to the track to get the key.

Templar Hunt 2 - Rhona Dinsmore – Havana

1) Forbid with Rhona from the onrushing enemy. Between the Waves use the powder keg and place at the entrances, like the stairs. After a few waves you have completed this mission.

2) Your goal is to get a letter. Sorry, your real goal is robbed in front of your nose and you have to follow the pickpocket. You can not catch him first. Wait until he slows down and then sneak in for a pickpocket. Take care not to be seen there. Alternatively, you can simply turn off the thief. The full synchronization does not suffer.

3) Now you have to destroy their stocks for Rhona powder. For the three goals you have two possible tactics. Either you shoot the barrels, that works very fast, but also draws the attention of the guards, or you try to enter the area without being seen. Interact with her, you have only few seconds to escape from the area.

4) Now it is time to put an end to Flint. Rhona follows the harbor. There she distracts the target person, so you can walk. Use the walls on the right side to hide to reach Flint. He flees on a small boat. Now you can simply shoot at the ship to blow it up. Flint done in one of two ways, and you get the next key.

Templar Hunt 3 - Anto – Kingston

1) The best way to listen to them, is hiring dancers. With them, you can reach the guards unnoticed. You do not even let them to see you when they turn around. After you have listened to the conversation, catch one of the guards and question him.

2) Follow Anto to free the slaves. Once you're there you can hire pirates who set you off at the entrance of guards. Alternatively, you can right past the house and climb the fence. Once at the top you can see below the first two guards guarding the prisoners. Remember to check on them while Anto takes care of the guards at the entrance. Then it's on to slaves. Again, you can turn over the rooftop guards to take the fight to less resistance. Make sure you are not too far from Anto and if necessary, protect him against guards. Especially, shot of opponents let them suffer massive damage. Free the slaves in the last third target point and complete the mission.

3) The Assassin's Office, bureau, is under attack. About List the wave of enemies in battle. Between the phases, you can look out for guards who come in and attack
hold to eliminate them before they become dangerous to you. So the fight is easier.

4) Speak to Anto in Kingston one last time. Hire the dancers to stay undetected. Reach your destination using the ladies and direct them from the guards. So you reach the retracted area so easily. Use eagle vision to identify your target in the green area. Kenneth Abraham and done you may obtain the next key.

Templar Hunt 4 - Vance Travers - Nassau

1) Have you found the two men? Hires a couple of dancers to follow them unnoticed. At the destination you let the ladies once again distract the guards and use the eagle vision to find Upton. From the roof you can take your target.

2) Meet Upton and follow him. He tells you of a treasure map, which was divided between him and his brother and causing untold wealth. They are hiding in the bushes display and follow the two as they start to move. In the marketplace you need a thief off unseen; Upton wants to steal his half. Simply put yourself on the wrong side of the market and use the hidden blade to seal his fate.

Then the brothers pursue further. The next thief waiting in the room packed with people. Also turn it off without the attention of your target. Follow the brothers until they done talking. Now, follow Vance until he takes you to a small square with a well in it. Listen to the conversation between him and the Pirate Queen Jing Lang and learn so that he seeks Upton after life, to get to the second half of the map. Sprint as fast as possible to the target area and keep the assassin who wants to take care of Upton. But for this you will only have a minute. You recognize him on his posture. Also use the eagle vision to have an easy time.

3) Upton has probably indulged at the bar, too much alcohol. Defend the Assassin before the rowdy club. Use to counter the attackers off as quickly as possible. Then escort him to safety and paid the dancers to withdraw from the area. This is also how Upon continued on his way. Then it's up to you to protect him. The guards have to inflict more damage potential assassins. Also use counter for a quick end.

4) Now it is your aim off Vance and his mistress. First place in the target area, he is in a camp within a wetland. Have you fed him to his fate, it is also to do Jing. She flees from you in the swamp. Use arrows or your gun to stop them. Now, you will find the last key and can unlock the Templar outfit on Great Inagua.