Apple refused to allow Panic! At The Disco to use "Every Single Night"

The Panic! At The Disco last month released their new album "Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!", and the band's frontman Brendon Urie, revealed that the first single from the album,"Miss Jackson (Feat. Lolo)" originally had the title "Bad Apple".

"We were writing the song, and we had the idea for a sample of the track "Every Single Night" from Fiona Apple, and the whole song was written from that piece" said the singer. "We try to get the rights to use the song, but she did not allow. It was so discouraging; she said 'I will not let this band to use my music.'"

The singer revealed a part of the original track, even in a demo version, because it was never completed. "I was kind of sad, and said to her, 'Dude, I love your music, I love you!', But then I was like 'that sucks!'" said the musician.

Watch the interview below: