Battlefield 4: fix crashes: error messages, freezes and bugs

Not every player being able to run the Battlefield 4 (BF4) game smoothly. In various forums, players reported error messages, crashes and bugs in the new first-person shooter. Among the most common error messages are "An Error was Reported from EA Online" and "Battlefield 4: Key is Already in Use". In addition, it is currently in error messages when Battlefield 4 is started via the Origin client. In addition, report players of Battlefield 4 a red screen on a Windows 8 PC with AMD graphics card.

Furthermore, it can happen at the moment, that Battlelog added friends will not be displayed with Origin. Players report to Battlefield 4 different forums also currently of annoying lags caused when streaming on Twitch. In a recent Troubleshooting Electronic Arts summarizes previously known errors in Battlefield 4 together - and at the same time provides helpful tips and tricks that will help you resolve the error. Below these lines, we summarize the troubleshooting together.

Battlefield 4: error messages, crashes, bugs - Tips and Tricks

I have an account / game info receive the "Warsaw" with numerous figures includes - why?
It is the confirmation of purchase of Battlefield 4 with an alternative name. You seek information about your shopping, you can find them under the heading "Warsaw".

Battlefield 4 crashes and shows a red screen on a Windows 8 PC with AMD graphics card
In Windows 8 PCs with AMD Radeon graphics card can cause crashes. The Red screen may occur when exiting the game or a new multiplayer map is loaded. Affected players must then restart your PC. The developers at DICE are working on a solution to the problem. Players’ report that Battlefield 4 would be carried out at 7 this problem in compatibility mode for Windows. However, it can also come to Red screens during Match-/Map-Rotation, according to DICE.

Error message: My Battlefield 4 Key is already in use
If during the installation of Battlefield 4, the error message "Key already in use" appears on your PC is probably due to the beta version of BF 4. Uninstall the beta version on the Origin menu "My Games". Then complete the installation of the full version again.

Soldier Avatar and emblem are not the same as on in the Battlelog App
Changed her avatar or your logo on the Battlelog website, the changes are not immediately applied to the app. DICE has addressed the problem and wants to keep up with updates on this topic to date players.

Error message: Punkbuster outdated or not installed
Are you getting when playing Battlefield 4 a PunkBuster error message, follow these steps:

- Open the first installation folder of Battlefield 4 (default: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Origin Games\ Battlefield 4) and examined in the folder "_Installer"
- Find the folder "Punkbuster" and open the folder inside "redist"
- Starts the file pbsvc.exe to update or reinstall point buster.

Do not exist, the mentioned folder or files, follow these steps:

- Visit the website and click on the "download PBSetup" button. Then select from the "For All Windows Games" option.
- Unzip the downloaded file and perform the pbsetup.exe out. Follow the onscreen instructions and select the end of the installation "Add a Game" from. Add on the Battlefield 4 added. From the drop-down menu check if there are new updates for PunkBuster. Then start Battlefield 4.

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An added via the Battlelog friend does not appear in Origin
Once this problem arise, you logged out with Origin and then on again. Once Origin is started, it queries the friends list on the Internet. You added via the Battlelog friends should then be displayed at Origin.

Battlefield 4 will not start: Error Message

Follow these steps:

- Open the first installation folder of Battlefield 4 (default: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Origin Game \ Battlefield 4) and examined in the folder "_Installer"
- Open the folder then "VC", then "vc2012Update3" and "redist"
- Searche in the "redist" both x86 and x64 versions of "VCRedist.exe"
- Installs both files. Battlefield 4 should then start without error message

Battlefield 4 lags when streaming on Twitch
Change the transmission resolution and image quality to get a better game performance with 4 Battlefield. This can be carried out in the game. Follow these steps:

- Starts Battlefield 4 in the game and the Origin client by pressing the Shift and F1 keys simultaneously.
- Select the camera icon to access the menu Twitch
- To your account
- Select Advance Settings. There the settings for image quality and resolution transmission can make. Turn down this

Battlefield 4 does not start on a 32-bit PC
In order to play Battlefield 4 on a 32-bit system, the day-one patch must be downloaded. The update requires a free disk space of 680 megabytes and is available for download via Origin.

Error Message: An Error Reported from EA Online
Are you getting this error message, you probably used several Battlefield IDs on an Origin account. Follow these steps:

- Open Battlelog and click on the profile in the upper right corner
- Select "Change soldiers." This will list all the available soldiers on Battlelog. The active soldier in green
- Select a different soldier and set it to active. Then attempt to restart Battlefield 4
- Are you getting the error message, select another soldier

Battlefield 4: Other Known Issues
- Battlefield 4 can run in full screen mode, even if the window mode is selected
- There may be a black screen when you Battlefield 4 under the Windows Aero theme start with a resolution of 150 DPI or 200 percent
- Freezes in PSN: PS3 players who are logged stay stuck in a loading screen. Battlefield 4 must then be restarted.