Battlefield 4 Tips: All Multiplayer Maps and Levolution Moments Overview

Table of Contents

1. Battlefield 4 Tutorial: Map Overview Part 1
1.1 Dawnbreaker
1.2 Flood Zone
1.3 Golmud Railway
2. Battlefield 4 Tutorial: Map Overview Part 2
2.1 Hainan Resort
2.2 Lancang River Dam
2.3 Operation Locker
2.4 Paracel Storm
3. Battlefield 4 Tutorial: Map Overview Part 3
3.1 Rogue Transmission
3.2 Siege of Shanghai
3.3 Zavod 311

Battlefield 4 Tutorial: Map Overview Part 1


The Battlefield 4 Map Dawnbreaker is an urban combat zone in the city of Singapore. High-rise buildings with many branched passages dominate the middle part of the map. The difficult terrain for pilots,. With agile helicopters can indeed do much damage, but must avoid because of the tight design and launch often double approaches until clever opponents are mostly destroyed. The tall buildings do offer much coverage.

But further away from the city, the lad is deserted. At the edges of the map there are some low-rise buildings with hidden flag points. You can shoot the side walls with tanks, steal the opponents cover. But be careful: this can backfire.

The moment Levolution

Beneath the streets of the city, a network of gas pipelines running. If you open the underground valves in two places, the pipes explode and destroy the central main street. A bridge that crosses the main road collapses. Through the colorful explosion concrete parts are thrown around. Give infantry soldiers coverage.

Flood zone

The Battlefield 4 map in a flood zone plays an Asian suburb with low roof and a few tall buildings in the center. The two helicopters per fraction, an agile scout helicopter and a transport helicopter thicker, so make a lot of sense and a lot of damage. Almost all flag points are located and visible from the air on roofs, so that air support is welcome. But has to be set according to defense themselves. If an infantryman from the outset plans to scramble on the roof, he is more likely to pack anti-aircraft missiles - with tank since he is barely in contact above.

The teams are divided in half literally: The top of the roof of their fight war with guns, while sometime romp only tanks and assault boats on the ground.

The moment Levolution

The Levolution effect of Flood Zone is one of the interesting throughout the game. Next to a flag on the edge of the map is a fragile dam. If you shoot with rockets, RPGs. SMAWs, C4, grenades and other explosive remnants of war materials, the dam breaks. The map is full within second with water and flood the entire first floor of the houses. While you can still start to wade in the ankle-deep water, you have to swim later.

As the water rises, the fleet also changed. Quad Bikes and Jeeps disappear, jet skis and boats to dive for. An armored vehicle is armored to the boat, only the armored remain unchanged. They are waterproof and can swim. The water blocking some paths that were open before, it sets free other. Especially tricky is the base station to the east. The water level here is so high that you can not go with all vehicles. A highway bridge cuts off the path.

Golmud Railway

The Battlefield 4 Map Golmud Railway is a very open map with wide open spaces. There are only a few houses and towers, and three helicopters and jets. Which have relatively clear shot, so a functioning air defense is important. But also the ground defense should not be ignored. . Between the flag points, probably more of a motorized fight breaks out. Rifle and pistol, you simply put the flag on the other hand, only point which are usually built on relatively dense and provide cover against tanks.

The Levolution moments

Golmud Railway offers several Levolution moments. A flag is on the roof of a locomotive. Which is located at the beginning of the round still in the middle of the map, but when one team takes the checkpoint, the train rolls toward the home base. The idea behind it: wide in the rear and close to the main base, it leaves enemies harder to capture the flag.

DICE also has hidden all over Golmud Railway IEDs. IED is the technical term for hidden explosives, often buries in the crisis regions in the Middle East on roadsides. Players can either trigger the bomb packages electrically via a switch console, or by triggering an explosion nearby. The bombs can cause huge damage and vehicles with a bang.

Battlefield 2 Tutorial 4: Map Overview Part 2

The Battlefield 4 Map Hainan Resort is located on several islands scattered on a tropical beach. In the center of the map there is a massive hotel complex of concrete including small houses, cabins and a container ship. The flag points, therefore, vary enormously from one another. Because of the few buildings the map for helicopter and jet pilot is released. You can navigate freely and to have nothing, except the eighth hotel in the middle. However, infantry soldiers have massive coverage on the ground. Tanks are rare, so many players are on foot, or at least without armor.

The Levolution moments

Also on Hainan resort there are several Levolution effects. From the stricken container ship oil has leaked, which is distributed in puddles all over the island. With explosive warfare agent can set the oil on fire and burn down enemies. The fire also caused a lot of smoke and hidden enemies for a short time. Perfect to sneak up and surprise enemies or simply run away.

The right bling-bling moment is located in the hotel complex. The left and right wing cultivation of the building can collapse if one C4, it shoots rockets or Gran musician. Only the middle part is then retained. This is cut from several ways, forcing people through or around the building. Rubble obscures also in the vicinity of the hotel.

Lancang River Dam

The Battlefield 4 Map Lancang River Dam has a small lake with boats, tanks and an industrial area. The terrain is varied and can be vehicle combat, air combat and naval combat helicopters to scout for. While the boats and water-resistant armor for the most part take care of the island flag, it is civilized to the industrial part. There you will find many transformer stations that provide coverage, just the right area for infantry men. Rounding Lancang dam of the eponymous dam that rises like a giant wall on one side of the map. Attention, helicopter pilots: Time Twist off!

The moment Levolution

Lancang River Dam provides the lamest Levolution effects the whole game. If you fire with tanks and rockets on the dam breaks in the middle. Huge concrete blocks fall down on the map and spread around a flag point. And the power goes out.

Operation Locker

Operation Locker is an almost completely isolated area. You may well make up for with med-kits, defibrillators and ammunition boxes. You can also work around the prison but outside in the snow and dodge many skirmishes. Because of a snowstorm, the visibility is low.

Many prison cells offer great way to enemies in the back drop. All flags have several entrances and are therefore tactically exciting. Players can also close the heavy steel gates at some places. That blocks the way friends and enemies, forcing them to go around.

The Levolution moments

The closed iron gate of the prison cells already Levolution to the effect of surgery Locker. By pressing a button you change the map that is irreversible.

You can destroy the walls next to the guard tower in the center of the map. The Panopticon is a circular room with cells and has guns; with them you can secure the entrance. Being demolished it in the air, it breaks into the floor below an open a direct passage into the "basement".

Paracel Storm

The Battlefield 4 Storm Paracel island map consists of four major islands, surrounded by smaller islets. Because it stands in the midst of the sea, jets, helicopters, boats and tanks are used - the full range! Big buildings do not exist, due to the dense vegetation and small objects Paracel Storm but still provides enough coverage. A flag is on a ship off the mainland - it is very tricky and should be kept long.

The moment Levolution

Paracel Storm makes from the beginning to the end of the round with a gross change.
In the sea bent around a wind turbine and catch a warship. If bombarding it after lightning strikes on the location, the anchoring dissolves. The complete marine coast is now on the island chain. Once they catch the land, they destroyed large part of the environment, displace a flag point and provide new weapons: From the belly of the War Battle pickup and drop ship at the bow is an anti-air gun, with which one can ward off enemies.

Battlefield 3 Tutorial 4: Map Overview Part 3

Rogue Transmission

The Battlefield 4 Map rogue transmission is certainly one of the funniest Maps. It includes a huge, several hundred meters wide parabolic satellite antenna. A similar system is known from the James Bond film GoldenEye. Below the antenna there are small container, vehicle and a flag. The map is divided by at least two parts - and the environment can also be recorded.

Because rogue transmission is so vast, whirring helicopters and jets around here. On the ground, move or best armored jeep around. Walk Rogue Transmission is a tough bone: Sometimes you run for minute to the nearest base and is then shot down. The depressed with time.

The moment Levolution

The heavy construction hanging in the air above the parabolic mirror, of course you can blow it up. Therefore, you have to destroy the ten steel cables, which deflected by pillars in the air holding the scaffold.

Siege of Shanghai

The Battlefield 4 Map Siege of Shanghai is located in a metropolis and is surrounded by several high-rise buildings. There are two factions and they are connected with bridges and an island in the middle. Many roofs can be reached by lift. To have campers who arrive by helicopter, so not a chance.

On the ground, especially roadblocks are interesting. Players can shut off their territories with steel bollards, bridges and single accesses. Even heavy tanks get stuck in it. Enemies only have to get off and push a button. This is exactly the bottleneck, one would need for an ambush! There are also two shopping centers in the metal map, give the alarm when you go through them.

The moment Levolution

The skyscraper in the emitter of the map cannot be seen - even if a flag point stands on its roof! With tanks, rockets or C4 you have to shoot for four concrete piers that are seaward. They can only be seen by the respective fraction Islands. Of the bridge, just walk to the piers to get them.

If the tower collapses, the whole map is in ruins. A gray film lies over the ground, and deteriorates the visibility. The flag that had just been up on the roof now lies in ruins.

Zavod 311

The Battlefield 4 Map Zavod 311 is a woody industrial map in the heart of Russia. The game is centered on two large factories, in each of which there is a flag. Other issues have settled on rusted train tracks, huts and a small tank at the scrap yard. This makes for a lot of coverage. In the middle of the post the flag is not usually down, but on the roof. You can climb on both buildings. Particularly high Sniper point reached even once. Then make the steel hatch closes other players this way forever.

The moment Levolution

Also, the effect on Levolution Zavod 311 is rather disappointing. Players can blow up an industrial chimney in the air. For this, they must enable a countdown in one of the workshops. Once reaches zero, the charge goes into the air. The chimney then falls to the ground and in the central area forms a small tube system. Unspectacular event, nothing happens.