Boy George wants to reunite Culture Club for new album in 2014

Singer Boy George wants to reunite the Culture Club to record an album of new songs. This would be the first work of the group since 1999, when they met for the first time since the end of the band in the '80s.

At that time in addition to go on tour, they also released a new single "Do not Mind If I Do". However, the track did not perform well on the charts.

This time the plans of Boy George are more ambitious. He says he hopes to have the renowned Brian Eno ( U2 , Coldplay , David Bowie ) as producer. For the musician this must be a good album after "there's no reason to make a album only for its nostalgic value" and wants to start recording next January.

The group was one of the most popular in the world in the first half of the '80s, but their popularity declined when a series of scandals involving Boy George and his unbridled consumption of drugs began to take over the newspapers.

While Boy George follows his solo career. The artist recently released "This Is What I Do", his first album since 1995. The work was highly praised by critics - the review for The Guardian newspaper said that George was the title of "return of the year."

Listen to one of the tracks of his new work, the ballad "