CoD: Ghosts- improve sensitivity of Control, Sights and Weapons in the game

Call of Duty: Ghosts is the latest installment of the successful annual series of FPS, released by Activision. With substantial changes compared to previous versions, the game's main characteristic is its multiplayer mode. Check out our tips to configure the sensitivity of your controller and shoot more accurately in the game, and thus do well in online mode:

During the game, press "Start" to access the pause menu of the game. There, navigate to Options and press "A" or "X" (Xbox 360 , PS3).

Already in the game setup menu, you can change various controller options like mapping buttons, vibration and reversal of sight among others. Go to "SENSITIVITY" and change the settings so that the speed of the right analog is suited to your play style.

Smaller numbers make slower sights, while taller to leave more rapid and sensitive (see video). A good idea is to not use very high numbers, since the high sensitivity makes it somewhat imprecise the crosshairs.

As in most FPS, weapons of CoD: Ghosts have different temperaments. Rifles, for example, tend to be heavy and uncontrollable at the same time causing much damage to the opponent. Then again, SMGs are more portable and easy to control while firing less-lethal projectiles.

Be careful with the stride of weapons, which is related to the impact of the shots caused to your soldier. Shoot without much care can greatly hinder the sight, causing you to lose precious seconds.

Browse shoot small bursts with light touches on the trigger control. So it will be easier to control the path of the bullet, preventing you spend a lot of ammunition.

Try different weapons until you find one that fits well to your playing style. Then just use it enough and unlock various accessories available, such as sights, extended pipes and combs.