Demi Lovato admits that she suffered from drug and alcohol addiction

In an interview with the Us Weekly magazine, the singer-songwriter Demi Lovato admits that her problems were beyond psychological and eating disorders.

The singer revealed that she did not like to be an example for young people. "I used to say that," admitted the voice of "Neon Lights". "That was my excuse to do whatever I wanted and did not give a damn what other people said. But then I ended up going through some things. Realized I will never escape the fact of being in the spotlight, so I started doing the best I could. "

The star, who went to rehab for physical and psychological problems in 2010, stated that it is difficult to be completely honest with her fans. "I'm in an internal battle over how honest I should be," said the "X Factor" judge. "Yes, I have been quite sincere, but if people really knew how deep and dark were my struggles - not only with my eating disorder, but with drugs and alcohol - they really would be shocked. But I will probably end up revealing everything.. Maybe this helps other people in this industry who are going the wrong direction."