Drakensang Online: How To Do Missions and Progress in the Game

Drakensang Online is a MMORPG that provides several tasks that could help the character to develop and evolve quickly. Each time you advance in the game it becomes more complex and difficult. But the rewards are also better and experience further strengthens the player. Check out our tips and guide to do well in all of them:

Missions NPC's

Most NPCs have quests found in cities ranging from collecting items, to eliminate more powerful enemies. To start a task, follow the steps below:

Step 1: When you find an NPC, click on it and you'll see an option with exclamation mark, to analyze what could be a task or simply a message for you.

Step 2: If this message is a mission, you will see a green icon (picture below) and the goals you must meet to complete it at the bottom. To accept and start the mission just click on this icon.

If you want to see the goals of all missions, missions click the icon at the top or simply go to the interface missions by hotkey (Q).

Step 3: After completing the goals of a mission, return to the NPC who requested to finalize it and receive their due rewards by clicking the green icon like in the picture:

Note that often one of the mission objectives is precisely back to the NPC and asked him to deliver any item or information collected.

Daily Quests

Aside from the NPCs, which usually has no validity missions can be fulfilled when you want, Drakensang Online offers daily quests that can offer great rewards.

Step 1: To accept a daily task, go to the first interface missions by the shortcut (Q) and click on "Daily Challenges" tab. Choose a challenge and click "Accept Challenge":

Step 2: On the next screen click on the icon as pictured to accept the mission.

When finished, go to interface missions again and receive the rewards due.

Remember that there are several NPC's in the cities and each of them may have one or more missions. The more difficult, the better the rewards.