Five tips about YouTube's video settings

Tip 1: YouTube Cinema Mode

The so-called Cinema mode, you can under start and easily operated by keyboard. Use the arrow keys to scroll through the categories and available videos. Per Tip on the S button takes you to the search. Enter a search term clicks on the displayed letters, and play the video you want by clicking on it. For all-round cinema feeling press F11 for full-screen view.

Tip 2: Subtitles - Foreign Languages

Lots of great videos on YouTube are available in foreign languages. The acceptance in the hit list by the symbol "CC". Click for such clips during playback in the toolbar on the gray box, and even the subtitles are displayed.

Tip 3: Discover channels and topics

No question, browse YouTube is fun. If you want to choose from the huge selection of something purposeful, click "find channels". Then, a list of topics from which you can choose what you want, such popular sports, music or politics-clip appears. By clicking on "Subscribe" you can see value offers attach to your YouTube homepage. Also worth a look: the topics Explorer. After click "from Try something new!" At the bottom of the YouTube page and on topics Explorer, you get in a nice tree view some recommendations that are based on your past viewing habits.

Tip 4: Music for the party

YouTube is also great as a DJ for the party: Search for matching songs and add the pieces to a play list. Move your mouse over each thumbnail and click on small clock icon. Do you have enough music together, you can start by clicking on the "Watch Later" and on the first video playback in special party player. A click on the two arrows wrapped still provide that the songs sound in random order.

Tip 5: Find 3D movie on YouTube

Who wants to get into the mood at home on a new 3D movie, the trailer looks best in 3D and with the same red-blue glasses on. To ferret out 3D clips, you just type "3D" in addition to the search key. True 3D clips are selected in the results list with "3D". For best viewing click during playback on the gear and in the list on the top entry, such as 1080p HD. After clicking on 3D, you can make additional image adjustments.