FM 2014: Tips on how to become a great coacher

Football Manager 2014 is the latest game in the popular series that simulates the career of a coach / football manager. The DTG Reviews prepared a list of some tips that can help you take a performance to give envy Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho. Check out:

Meet the Team

This is the most important tip of the game. Do not quit hiring anyone and not let go many people out. Meet the team. Use the main navigation of players and see where each one is good and bad. Explore the reserves and especially young people. Only then start planning transfers and game tactics.

Form your own tactic

On the Internet, there are a number of tactics ready for any FM. If you want practicality, look for and install it. However, one of the largest amusement games is just tell your team how to play.

Pack up the training of the team in accordance with its players is very interesting - and critical time for the results. After all, there are many variations of positions and functions in FM. Therefore, it becomes crucial first, meet the cast, and then place the athletes in a way.

Give attention to the advice

Nothing is better to help these first two tips from the advice of coaching staff. Read them slowly and take the account. Furthermore, it is essential to have a quality staff. Browse by professionals with the highest level you can get in all areas. This structure makes a difference. And always ask for reports from team to prepare better against opponents.

Vary your tactics

Not only have one way of playing. After your team train quite a tactic (in the preseason, let them practice at "Tactical" with intensity "Very High"), teach another. So, you have different ways to face rivals according to the characteristics of each.

Also, set your workouts always according to the opponent (at home against a weak team, offensive drive, and away against strong teams, defensive positioning, for example).

Good relationship with the group

An unhappy player can spoil the whole group. This is a maximum of football and is present in FM. So, try to speak with athletes always "calm" or "cautious" tone when you complain about something. Do everything you can to keep everyone happy. Praise the good performances and, especially, avoid committing to something that may not meet, how to ensure that an average team will fight for the title just to make more money from transfers from the board.

Use your scouts

The network of scouts is critical in FM 2014. Hire the best attributes that have discovery potential - Newton Motta is a good tip for anyone who plays in Brazil, because it is excellent and is out of contract at the beginning of the game.

Then use its professionals not only to issue reports on your team, and opponents who you have targets, but also to make prospecting for new players, young talent. This is critical in a long term game.

Talk to the Board

The boards of the clubs have different modes of action, but all of them can not resist to a request made by a technician who is sending well. So if you want some of what is available in the conversations with the board, make a good campaign, wait a winning streak and try to make the request, whether of money for transfers or expansion stage. Can help a lot.

Look for "bargains"

Just like in real life, is not easy to hire on FM 2014 - but it is much easier than on FM 2013 when it was virtually impossible, especially with small teams. So, look for bargains.

Free players (like Hadrian), which are in the list of loans (eg, Anderson, Manchester United) or available for transfer, if your club has money. Use and abuse of promises of loans and hire experienced no contract if you are in a small team.

Negotiate contracts

Never accept, first, a proposal. Always try to gain a little more and spend a little less. Either to sell or buy, never think that business is a must when it comes from the machine. You can always gain an advantage, however small, if you negotiate contracts.

Customize the game

This is one more tip to increase the realism of the game. The FM is a game that has many teams and leagues licenses. So they get no shield, uniform and faces of players. In Brazil, for example, happens. If you want, you can download the files and put them in the game.

With these tips, you will surely have a better performance in Football Manager. The list is pretty basic, but important, and that, if they pass unnoticed can make the difference between a successful career and failure "touches".