Inception consoles: You Can Connect your PS 4 and Wii U to Xbox One

Players who already have access to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are slowly discovering the resources of the two boxes. And one of them allows you to play your PlayStation 4 on your Xbox One Or the Wii U or even the Xbox 360. A true inception of consoles.

The explanation is simple: Xbox One has one input and one HDMI output. The input is used to receive signal from your TV receiver, allowing you to watch your favorite program via the console and even play games or chat online with someone at the same time. However, if you connect the HDMI cable coming out of a second console on Xbox One, the image it will receive will be exactly the one that would send the second console to your TV, as pointed out by websites Game Informer and Kotaku.

Although this does not mean that you can play your other consoles using Xbox control One, you can still take advantage of some features of Microsoft's console while playing a different game.

One of these features is the "snap" that allows you to divide the screen into two parts Xbox One, showing what you want: TV, games and applications like Skype or Netflix. This way you can, for example, play PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the same screen at the same time. Or maybe Wii U (which already has two screens) and Xbox One, and test your multitasking skills? Or how about playing PlayStation 4 while receiving notifications from Xbox One? Is this a sign of the end of the console war?