Justin Bieber is grabbed by fan during concert in Rio de Janeiro

Justin Bieber’s concert in the Apotheosis Square in Rio de Janeiro on last Sunday had an unexpected moment. During the performance of the hit "Boyfriend", a guy managed to dodge all security guards and ran across the stage and grabbed the singer.

Immediately, the boy was removed from the stage by Bieber’s staff. The singer reacted with humor. "I thought you were an extra dancer," said Bieber after the incident.

Watch the video of the incident below:

Justin Bieber’s arrival to Brazil was filled with turbulent times. Shortly after he landed in Rio de Janeiro, on Friday (1), the singer was spotted leaving an adult entertainment house covered with a sheet and accompanied by some of the girls were there.

In addition, he was asked to leave from the Copacabana Palace, after guests complained of the excesses committed by the star and his team.

In São Paulo, the singer ended the show ahead of schedule without presenting the song "Baby," after being hit by a water bottle thrown from the crowd.


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