Killer is Dead - Walkthrough, Complete solution for all missions - boss battles

Table of Continents

1 General Tips & Advice
2 Chapter 1: The man who chooses the Moon
3 Chapter 2: Killer is Dead
4 Chapter 3: A woman full of pain
5 Chapter 4: The man who stole the moon
6 Chapter 5: She who Eats Dreams
7 Chapter 6: The man who stole her ears
8 Chapter 7: The Tiger that Faded into Darkness
9 Chapter 8: She who Dances in Dreams
10 Chapter 9: The Giant who Stole a Planet
11 Chapter 10: The Carrier of Love
12 Chapter 11: She who lives in dreams
13 Chapter 12: chosen by the Moon

The Killer is Dead complete solution is the right tool for all those who despair of the demanding bosses or need help within the twelve missions. We are taking you through the history of the killer Mondo Zappa, from the dark side alley to a villa on the moon. Good Luck!

General Tips & Advice

Before we start with the walkthrough, there are, as always, helpful tips and tricks.

01 Attempts at any time to keep track
One of the biggest problems of Killer is Dead is its camera work, which will bring you often livid - so you should be careful not to run into corners or obstacles to get in front of the view. Have you ever lost the overview, it is quick Ko - so do not be careless.

02 So you master the combat system
The combat system of Killer is Dead is not too complicated, but it is based largely on quick reflexes. The Alpha and Omega is the last moment to dodge enemy attacks, only to land a brutal counter-attack, which destroyed most weak standard opponents immediately.

Block your opponents attacks you should try to break their cover with the Guard Break and then to attack because they are stunned for a short time. You must also take great care not to be too often taken because Mondo can not plug too much damage.

Keep a distance as possible to your enemies and try not to let you surround them. It is also important to have always filled the blood-bar or replenish after their blood have consumed, for example, to heal. Stump top sculpting brings you into killer is Dead in very few situations really successful.

03 Heals you only if you are safe
In Killer is Dead you take already on the normal difficulty partially vast amount of damage. Healing is therefore fundamental in order to be successful. But here you have to take good care, because the process takes a long time and you can be unprotected. Move into an empty corner, the camera turns to the enemy and heals you.

The distance to the enemy is important, because otherwise you have to plug in a few strokes, and have thereby also lost precious blood. Pay attention at your attacks on it, not to waste all the blood to still have left for the worst-case scenario, a ration to heal.

04 So they give power beautiful women gifts you weapons
The title of this says it all. You should conclude available Gigolo missions, as you reache Equipment stronger and better skills. Purchase all the items you can give her to impress the lady.

In order to gain courage, you have again and again to her breasts and between her legs rigid, but be careful: you should you not get caught on this, or the confidence level decreases. Does she look at you; you should also look her in the face. Are you become brave enough, you are allowed the lady to hand over a button a gift. Do this 1-3 times and she is so excited about you that she takes you to her room. You will get a great new weapon for your arsenal in the fight against the demons.

Chapter 1: The man who chooses the Moon

It does not happen too much in the first mission. All you have to do is: Run the predetermined path through the streets until the second video starts.

The enemy projectiles can not harm you, so just go straight to the goal. After the video, you must now hold only R1 and release it after "Killer is Dead". That's it, the prologue is finished.

Chapter 2: Killer is Dead

The second mission will explain to you the basics of the combat system. When the first enemy stormed come to you, simply banging a blunt to them because they do not fight back and you still have no other options in combat.

If there are multiple enemies in front of you, it is worth the Moon Slash to perform in order to meet them all at the same time. Have you defeated all the enemies, followed by a short video.

Attention: After the video directly follow a Berserker scene in which the key to the attack must hammer until the bar is full. After the mission is completed.

Chapter 3: A woman full of pain

This mission is the first proper in-game and your previously learned skills put to the test the first time. Put yourself directly into the living room and lead the conversation with Alice. Leave the room and you find yourself back in a mysterious room that does not remember from about Alice in Wonderland.

Immediately after the telephone conversation with Natalia, a door opens. Go through and get ready for a few fights. Here you will learn blocking, dodging, and the Guard Break. Get used to it before, dodge enemy attacks at the last moment to get into the blood rush mode, which is a strong counter-attack - you will need that much time and again later in the game.

Then take out the muffin to you and give it to Alice, so changed the room. Go through the next door and take the stronger opponent. In this fight you learn the adrenaline burst know, can be defeated in one fell swoop with the opponent.

But take care that this move costs you blood. With the flower you are passed again to Alice and the room changes again. The third door leads you into a game room with Mika. Set up after the video your arm on all four lamps in the room and shoot them out as quickly as possible. And take the third artifact to you and defeat the opponent in the central room with your previously gained skills.

Then give Alice the vase and the stairs to the boss fight opens. Before you enter there, you should in the upgrade menu, however Healing Lvl acquire 1 in order to heal you during the fight by blood can. Smash also in the hall first all cat statues, so Scarlett appears that you later give access to side missions and give you blood.

The following boss battle against Alice you need to be prepared to lose the overview. This may sound strange, but the hard truth, because here patter countless bright colors and contrasts on you .

Did you get used to it, the battle can begin. Beat constantly on an Alice and soaked her attacks at the last moment to inflict even more damage in the blood frenzy. Eventually, climb the wall. Then try with the arm to hit repeatedly until she falls down and lies on her back.

Then attack her continuously and deliver the adrenaline burst as soon as the HP bar has emptied from Alice. Repeat this process three more times until you have completed the boss fight. In the later two phases Alice will send small insects, who should kill her, to replenish your blood bar. Remember to heal you, if you only have a few life points.

Heal you best when Alice is just on the ceiling or wall on the road to avoid being hit. Have you successfully completed the boss fight, the third mission is completed.

Chapter 4: The man who stole the moon

At the Villa you will face three enemies. Kill them and then proceeds through the door in the back left corner of the room. It is worthwhile to break all the vases in the whole villa for additional blood, upgrade stones or HP bonuses. In the hallway to the next room you will find two enemies with shields.

In order to break their cover you use the Guard Break, then with your katana beat. Defeat the enemies in the next room and then go through the picture further. Run up the stairs, destroy the vases and activate the switch to open a door to a secret room.

There you will find Scarlett in one of the vases, which gives you access to new side quests. Next it goes back up the stairs and through the door that is open there. You immediately find yourself in a room with a floating big eye again. Accesses the eye directly, and differs from its lasers to avoid being hit - you can also use the arm for long-distance shots.

Have you destroyed all enemies, you go easy on the way until you're back into the entrance hall? Here comes again another fight, this time against, among others new minions of darkness with a sort of sense, which demands a lot more patience and skills. After the battle, you have to down the stairs and through the image again in another room.

Follow the suggested route and turns off all the enemies until you come into a room with a switch. Enable it and then slip when you are back in the entrance hall (this time from the other side) by the painting on the right rear wall into a new room with a chessboard-like floor. If the next fight and makes you continue on your way through the maze-like mansion.

Soon, you encounter a painting that leads you into the garden of the house. There you initially expect some strong and some weak standard enemies. Have you (filled while your blood bar!) These are all defeated; the boss battle against David begins.

David likes to be dressed a bit odd and freely, that does not mean, however, that you can easily take him. On the contrary, he will block most of your attacks easily and in turn cause enormous damage. The best ride her. Use the tactic attacks with the sword by a bloodlust. This means that you should dodge at the last moment and then run the counter strike.

Differ in each case from its distance shots and only attack him if you possess enough HP. David shares powerful of damage and can loosely pull you in seconds times 50% of life. Have you lowered his HP bar to 0, there will be a duel of swords in which you have to first hammer the attack button.

Then follow a burst of adrenaline to complete the first phase. Go into the second phase, exactly the same procedure as in the first and after the but-time adrenaline burst is the boss fight at the end. Health points and blood are in vases, which are distributed in the garden.

Chapter 5: She who Eats Dreams

The fifth chapter takes place in Mondo's dreams completely. At the beginning you have to do nothing more than simply following the suggested route on the web and you watch the videos. This is about five minutes, then you find yourself in a boss fight.

There are many clones around the fighting area, you need to defeat them all. Deviate from the red rays, which are announced by a red circle. From time to time a few of the clones will form a circle and a spell to summon the quasi magnetically attracts you and inflicts massive damage.

In order to break the spell, you have to beat one of the clones. Try not to lose track of it during the fight! At some point does not rotate the camera suddenly in a first-person perspective, but from the perspective of Mondo, but from that of one of the clones. To get free there again, you have to run directly on the screen and attack the respective clone and kill.

Then the camera switches back to the normal position. Follow these tactics until the HP bar arrived at 0. The boss fight consists of only one phase, so the mission is done afterwards.

Chapter 6: The man who stole her ears

You start the mission on a large square in front of the building and you have to equal even claim against six standard opponents. Lacerate this easy with the Katana, so, as you have already done the chapter. Put yourself into the building and destroy with the arm the columns.

But keep distance because the explosion can hurt you. It will appear after a short time several somewhat stronger opponents; do not to take any unnecessary risks when attacking. Destroy after the columns in the next room, take the three opponents and then go deeper into the building complex.

In the next room you will find three normal enemies, but are in more distance still some enemies that target with guns on you. If it goes as fast as possible with the arm out and kill the three nearby enemies to replenish your blood bar again, you the ammunition should go out.

Take care also as fast as possible to the flying robot, which wreaks too much damage. Have you done all the enemies you have to arm shoot the explosive barrels on the stairs. Then go over precisely those stairs on the other side of the room.

Here a lot of opponents will equal unleashed on you, but do not worry because you Vivienne comes to the rescue. Attracted your sacrifices so best to all on an empty seat and simply wait, brandished their weapons to your colleague and has it all erased.

Collect the crystals, blood roses and gems and then runs behind the stairs, but not up. There you will find a series of boxes. Shoot or smash them all until you've found Scarlett, and then go up the stairs. Before you are allowed through the door, you must make take stronger opponents. Shoot the two drones broken and then you take care of him.

In the best case it freezes it with the Freeze Shooter one (the you get in the third Gigolo mission) and then is chopped him all the rules of art, otherwise you rely on the proven bloodlust-counter scheme that almost any opponent in enough precision plowed easily.

You now find yourself a high hall with several levels. Go up the stairs to the first up and then shoot as soon as possible the shooters on the outer ranks low, so that you can take care then undisturbed by the weak infantry around you. Have you done all your opponents, you operated from the switch and crossing the bridge to the rank.

From there, you ascend the stairs to the second level. Go to the platform in the middle and turns them twice by the switch activates her twice. Open the door and set the speakers inside and you will find Scarlett in the next room, which again gives you fresh blood. Rotate the platform again, go into the next room and activate the control center, so that the bridge is extended to the outer rank.

Now you can through the green, marked with exit door. Defeat the two enemies who attack you, take the head of the latter, and then scan it off at the corresponding station.

Ride now with the now open elevator again up a level.

Gets even at this level the elevator and make you ready for a slightly heavier fight. You will face a huge, powerful robot that can also neat dish out damage at Mondo with his massive mace.

Lure him under the screen that hang from the ceiling, and shoot this down, so that they fall on him. If you run out of ammo, you can get to the ever-recurring standard opponent new blood. Ballet easy on the giant straight on until his HP bar has become empty and then embark in the elevator.

In the 1000th Floor of the building there is finally the boss fight against the musically-inspired skeleton.

Your enemy will go back with his two long arms again and strike powerful, so you should avoid these attacks at any time. Strike with your Katana easy on him or use your arm as a gun to empty his HP bar. Once that is done, he will extend an arm, this is your chance to separate it by adrenaline burst.

Go just as well in the second phase of the fight before and separate him from the second arm. Subsequently, he has no chance to fight back, and you must destroy him within two minutes.

Beat all the time on him and heals and you, not to be killed by his energy field. Have you done it, the mission is completed. The boss fight is not particularly difficult, so you should not have major problems here.

Chapter 7: The Tiger that Faded into Darkness

Just run along the path until you come to the Japanese garden at the entrance. There you will find a kind box; attack her and she turns out to be enemy ninja. Now you stand against a new type of enemy.

The special feature of the ninjas is that they are very agile and attack you from a distance with Shuriken - so you should always be ready and shoot them, if they are hiding on the roofs to evading. Once you have done all three, go to the garden.

Five scrolls shall find her, guarded by five Ninjas, which have in turn hidden everywhere in the garden. Run first the path just to the left until your arm vibrates for the first time (that is with a green cut into the hedge), and shoots the ninja on the lower side of the roof of the hut to start the fight - but watch out, the Ninja support two powerful wires with huge lobes.

The second Ninja is hiding next to the island in the water between some stones. Another can be found on the roof of a small building in the back left corner of the map. Directly behind the building you can drill the rock to get into a fenced off area with lots of trees. Here you will not only get ordinary blood and HP bonuses, but you will also find Nurse Scarlett.

Now you are still missing two ninjas. Take the right side of the road back side of the garden. On a small square with five bushes you meet another five ninjas, who are hiding in the green stuff.

Now, only a single ninja and a scroll are missing. But before it goes to the aforementioned waterfall: Shoot above the eye that the tree falls over and the waterfall dried up. And who was hiding in the cave behind it? Clear: Scarlett! Have you found it, it goes back into the garden.

Run to the left up to a bridge that crosses the river. Below this bridge, the last ninja hidden. Shoot him off and makes him ready for the fight, so that the door finally opens and you proceed to the boss fight can.

However, before it comes at the right duel, you have to make a small motorcycle tour. Accesses Hamada-Yama easy all the time with the Katana and switches obstacles on the track button. His attacks you can block though, but that's not as important as it wreaks as good as no lasting damage here. Is the ride over, the battle begins.

As with any other command post also applies here: Dodge is important and counterattacks with bloodlust the key to success. Your enemy is aimed this time at not too much damage, so you should at least the first phase can be relatively easy.

There are no special tactics against Yama; schnetzelt simply what it's worth, and keep your life points as high as possible. You have to be careful, however, when around it thaws a purple-blue mist, as he then teleports to you. Here you have to be ready to dodge. It is more difficult in the second phase of the fight after the initial adrenaline burst.

Your opponent now dominates the Tiger a new attack, a kind of thunder to the ground, inflicting massive damage to you. Deviates from this attack heals you unconditionally and always up at least half the HP, not to be suddenly killed by a blow. Stay tuned for the claws of the tiger that can dish out in a larger radius.

Blocks, dodges and attacks at the right time and it withstands the second phase of the fight without major problems. This boss fight also is not that hard, so you can complete it in gently with a bit of practice.

Chapter 8: She who Dances in Dreams

Like the first mission in Mondo's dreams, this one is also fairly short and playful not really challenging.

All you have to do is: Follow the strictly linear path and there decomposes the emerging opponents. Towards the end of the mission there is a mini-boss fight against David. Select here just as soon as David from the five figures, and attack him.

Does that until his HP bar is completely empty, and that's it with Mission 8

Chapter 9: The Giant who Stole a Planet

Run along the path, the ninjas and then shoot the shooters on the container and the stairs. Then continue the path until you encounter an enemy at a Gatling. Also shoot him off and then to the turret. Kill the enemy on the opposite side and the barrel into the air, so that the way is free.

There are three front crates around; destroy these three, as Scarlett hidden in one of them. Then run on and on, until you eventually come to an elevator. Ride to the top and fight your way - now under time pressure - the way. You all need to defeat enemies to progress, so wasted no time and makes you to work. As always satisfy precise Bloodlust counter their purpose best.

Take the slightly stronger opponent's head, scans it and open another door. Then go back two spaces and turn to the second door immediately to the right until you stand in front of a door with the word exit. There you need to enter.

Go up the stairs and destroy the floating around eyes, in order to open the next door. Inside you will find a bunch of boxes on the right, which you can smash; behind them hide a secret room that you can open with the drill. There Scarlett hidden again. Go out again and then right through the door, where more wires lie in wait for you.

Fight and then destroy the crates that block the passage. Take the first door on the left and you come to a room with a lots of hostile rabbles. Time to let the Katana talk: they apart and missed all the shooters on the higher level, some headshots, until no more enemies to follow.

After countdown is over you can breathe again and make the whole thing a bit calmer. Hold the roses and crystals from the boxes and then off to the elevator. Press the switch and ride slowly upward.

Kill the enemies on the platform, take the head scans it off and thus the bridge rotates. At about halfway you will meet some shooters come, which is equal to Vivienne but have to tackle. Support them with your katana, collects the countless gems and roses and then cross the bridge.

First, go through the back door blue, since there hidden Scarlett in one of the boxes, and then just go to the door that you first saw her after the bridge. Enable the switch there and the next, cross the bridge again (but this time on the other side) and take the three enemies with the shields either by locking or Guard Break out. Behind the right door there are a few crystals.

Now run along the outer stairs, and when a fight starts, turn first to the arm of the drones, as paralyze you with their shots. After a while you have left through the blue door back into the building. After a brief battle, you find yourself back on a ruined platform that plow the giant baby with his laser beams. Deviate from the lasers by their ducks behind obstacles or you stand behind the pillars.

OK, the path continues along until it again passes through a blue door. Inside, you can expect a strong robot with a heavy mace. Dodge his attacks and then kick off with the katana. Have you done it, then go through the door on to the boss fight.

This boss fight is also not difficult or even complicated. The giant has four blue areas on his body: two on the eyes and two on the chest. The task is clear: Shoot them, the broken surfaces until the blood squirts out, and regenerates ammunition by her chopped, the standard enemies around you.

In the second phase of the fight after the initial adrenaline burst you also have to be careful not to get hit by his laser beams. Meanwhile, you can but very good aim at his eyes, so take the chance and bangs going on. The third phase is not very different from the second that leads through the whole thing again. Once done and executed the giant finally, the ninth mission is successfully completed.

Chapter 10: The Carrier of Love

Kill the enemies in front of you and then to the train. Break the two fuse boxes, so that the door opens, and then go into it. Wait for the shooters; targets as possible on their heads, trying to turn them off directly with headshots, especially the two on the upper levels. Have you killed them, you can edit before you even with your katana enemies.

Destroy all the boxes and then get down on the way forward to the locomotive. Fight the enemy until Bryan rushes to support you. Go to the tower and then take the enemies. After he has isolated you, you have to switch to the other tower. Again, you have to destroy all four enemy's guns, and then wait for the subsequent wave of wires.

Shoot them all down, so that you can proceed. Fit on it, not to allow the tower to overheat because the cooling process usually takes much longer. Then proceeds along the train, but first climbed the ladder at the right container to find the hidden Scarlett.

Fires break the two and then climb up on the outside train until you have reached the top. Smash the crates in order to proceed further; you can duck to avoid being hit by the traffic lights and signs. Behind one of the boxes you will find Scarlett, so it pays to destroy all of them. Then take the shooter up front and when you descend the ladder, also begin the boss fight of this chapter.

This is again surprisingly straightforward and simple. Shoot with the arm on the open eyes of Tommy, so they remain paralyzed lying on the ground, and then strike with the katana on them. Once Tommy's eyes "extends", you can start the adrenaline burst, once each in each eye.

Have you separated them, you have to in the third phase still destroy his head. Beat just what it's worth, and blocks his swing attack. If the HP-bar again empty, you can with a third adrenaline burst the boss fight (and the mission) terminate and separate his head.

Chapter 11: She who lives in dreams

This mission consists of a single large boss battle begins once you're gone to the garage along the streets. This time you compete against Dolly, we already know her from section 5.

Her attack scheme is the first phase of the fight exactly the same as that of the clones from that very previous chapter. Beat with a katana and soak the lasers from that announce by red seal.

You have already improved bullet shot at level 3 or 4, you can use it from a distance to inflict enormous damage without putting yourself in too much danger. Have you executed the first time the adrenaline burst is empty HP bar, the slightly different second phase of the fight begins.

Again it is sufficient to start with, to beat them with the katana and avoid her when she jumps on you from up. Eventually, they will put red platforms in the air and post up there. Now engage with the arm, but instead destroy the platform until it is forced to land on the ground again.

Once at the bottom you can undisturbed with the katana, since he can not defend himself. After the second burst of adrenaline boss battle is already done. He is not heavy, so make sure you pass it with relative ease.

Chapter 12: chosen by the Moon

Welcome to the final chapter of Killer is Dead. Before it comes to a long-awaited showdown with David, however, once again through the entire villa on the moon fighting that still knows her from Chapter 4.

You can expect lots of small, large, weak and strong opponents, which you are allowed to take to the course on the cap - and keep you from Dark Matter, the purple mist, far off when you inflict this damage. Just follow the linear path through the whole villa through and what keeps the stuff until you're eventually arrived in the garden of the complex.

Here you are entering in phase 1 against David. The campaign is initially quite proceeds exactly as listed in Chapter 4. This means that you have to quickly dodge and try again and again to counter.

It does not take long until you have emptied the first time his HP bar - then it will be after the adrenaline burst time for the second phase. Now you find yourself back on a floating platform in space. The battle is pretty similar from as still in the first phase, but you can David now only hurt when he kneels on the ground exhausted.

So deviates from first rather instead of going on the offensive and then beat necessarily when he conjures Dark Matter. As soon as he drops to his knees, make every effort to pull him his life. Do that until the bar is empty, and then proceeds with a burst of adrenaline in the third and final phase.

Now fight in a crater on the Moon and on the general mechanics has not much changed. Blocks, dodges and counters attacks David, if you have the opportunity to do so until you finish the boss fight and the game with a last burst of adrenaline.